Survival tips

Survival tips

Now and then during the trips we are asked about how to perform particular touristic action in Russia. Surely we answer with the great pleasure so that afterwards we got an idea to create kind of survival guide for everyone who came across our humble site in the internet. Fill free to use it - enjoy staying in Russia.


Here it is


Ideas for Moscow tour

Looking for ideas for Moscow tour? We could give you some thoughts where to go. 

Even though our primary aim is to orginize tours over the Golden Ring of Russia we still have a number of places you will definately enjoy as a part of your Moscow tour.

Red square

red_squareRed square is the historical center of Moscow. Dated by XV century when Tsar Ivan III gave the order to ruin all the wooden buildings at the area and put up the stone walls. Initially the square was used as a market place and afterwards with the building of st Trinity cathedral turned into Troitskaya (literally Trinity) square. In XVI the cathederal was ruined and at its place was built Saint Basil's Cathedral which you can see there at present time. During the Soviet Union period presidents appeared in front of the people from the red walls. Also there was performed infinite number of parades seen all over the world. It should be the first place to visit as a part your Moscow tour.


Highlights of Russia tour

Moscow_Red_Square_of_RussiaHardly any country can exhibit such a various palette of landscapes, architectural ensembles extended throughout  centuries, museums and other cultural heritage.

Hereafter we will try to give you brief explanation about major highlights if you decide to undertake in Russia tour. 

As a rule a trip starts from the visiting of the capital of the country. The main gates of Russia are Moscow or St. Petersburg. Thus you will have an opportunity to enjoy excursion around so called Northern Venice (i.e. St. Petersburg) or Moscow. The former has very similar appearance as Amsterdam for instance of Stockholm, if course with its own charm. This feature is related with the history of the foundation of St.Petersburg. Peter the Great - the founder of this city, was inclined to introduce new European style in all, including architecture style alongside government regulation, reforms etc. So if you want to visit numerous museums full 

Common styles in Russian architecture

The aim of this article is not to define all the features and distinguish Russian architecture to a nicety but to give a brief review over the several pivotal epochs in its development.

Undoubtedly Russian architecture originated yet in Byzantine of VII. Of course, the stylization came to Russian principalities much later - in X, with the process of the baptism of Russia. But meanwhile domestic woodworkers contributed a lot to the appearance of the architectural ensembles of XI-XV, which is reflected in wooden constructions. Unfortunately they are not extended so far but still there are ensembles intrinsic for that period (e.g. Kizhi ensemble, Malye Korely etc.).



Russian cuisine


Needless to say, that one of the most important and interesting impression during your journey is to savour traditional cuisines. What can you expect from the Russian traditional cuisine?

In fact, the Russian traditional cuisine cannot stand out for variety of ingredients as opposite to the Chinese or the French ones for example, but nevertheless it has many delicious and famous dishes. Generally Russian cuisine is considered to be high-calorie and pretty nourishing which might have been probably caused by severe climate. Mainly, it consists of meat (beef, pork or lamb), chicken, fish, pastry, vegetables.