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Russian cuisine


Needless to say, that one of the most important and interesting impression during your journey is to savour traditional cuisines. What can you expect from the Russian traditional cuisine?

In fact, the Russian traditional cuisine cannot stand out for variety of ingredients as opposite to the Chinese or the French ones for example, but nevertheless it has many delicious and famous dishes. Generally Russian cuisine is considered to be high-calorie and pretty nourishing which might have been probably caused by severe climate. Mainly, it consists of meat (beef, pork or lamb), chicken, fish, pastry, vegetables.



Russian traditional dinner usually includes cold or hot snacks – they can be vegetable salads, or just sliced smoked meat or salted red fish with vegetables, or marinated mushrooms and vegetables (like cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes etc.). Sometimes it can be even pancakes with appropriate fillings (like caviar for instance), even though it is usually served as a dessert. 

salad  salty fish_slices 


 Soup is an essential part of dinner. And one of the most popular and traditional soup is so called “borsch” which is made of red beet, meet, cabbage, carrot and potato. It has quite remarkable taste and intrinsic red color. It is definitely worth tasting! Others have rather conventional European taste – they are chicken one, fish, mushroom, potato; except may be the one which is called “schee”. It is also made of beef and cabbage mainly. Almost all of them are served with sour cream.

 Borsch borsch2 Schee Schee2


Main course is usually served after soup. It can be fried beef, fish or chicken garnished with fried of boiled potato or buckwheat. There are some dishes which are cooked in pot placed into the oven. It resembles ragout of poultry or meet. Some of the dishes are considered as Russian traditional but in fact they have the roots which refer to ancient China. That is so called “pelnemi”. These are dumplings with meet feeling, boiled in water; thereby you can treat them as a kind of soup. In Europe this dish is usually termed as Italian ravioli but ravioli are three of four times smaller.

pot meet_potato fish_potato pelmeni 


As for deserts one should mention about pancakes with sweet filling like jam, honey or sour cream. There also can be various pies with mushrooms, meet, fish, potato, apples, berries etc. They can supplement above mentioned dished as well, so that is why they are not always sweet.

 pirozhki Big_pie big_apple_pie big_berry_pie


    Russia is not famous for wine and beer, so there are two most popular traditional beverages: kvas and medovukha. The first one is alcohol free, sweet soft drink made of rye malt. It is a little bit sparkled due to the fermentation process. The latter is very similar to kvas but contains 3-5% of alcohol, which is caused by the different parameters of the fermentation process.

So enjoy Russian traditional cuisine! Bon appétit !