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Highlights of Russia tour

Moscow_Red_Square_of_RussiaHardly any country can exhibit such a various palette of landscapes, architectural ensembles extended throughout  centuries, museums and other cultural heritage.

Hereafter we will try to give you brief explanation about major highlights if you decide to undertake in Russia tour. 

As a rule a trip starts from the visiting of the capital of the country. The main gates of Russia are Moscow or St. Petersburg. Thus you will have an opportunity to enjoy excursion around so called Northern Venice (i.e. St. Petersburg) or Moscow. The former has very similar appearance as Amsterdam for instance of Stockholm, if course with its own charm. This feature is related with the history of the foundation of St.Petersburg. Peter the Great - the founder of this city, was inclined to introduce new European style in all, including architecture style alongside government regulation, reforms etc. So if you want to visit numerous museums full