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Ideas for Moscow tour

Looking for ideas for Moscow tour? We could give you some thoughts where to go. 

Even though our primary aim is to orginize tours over the Golden Ring of Russia we still have a number of places you will definately enjoy as a part of your Moscow tour.

Red square

red_squareRed square is the historical center of Moscow. Dated by XV century when Tsar Ivan III gave the order to ruin all the wooden buildings at the area and put up the stone walls. Initially the square was used as a market place and afterwards with the building of st Trinity cathedral turned into Troitskaya (literally Trinity) square. In XVI the cathederal was ruined and at its place was built Saint Basil's Cathedral which you can see there at present time. During the Soviet Union period presidents appeared in front of the people from the red walls. Also there was performed infinite number of parades seen all over the world. It should be the first place to visit as a part your Moscow tour.

Vorobyovy gory

Vorobyovy GoryThe place has got its name from the village which was at the place of Moscow State University. In XV the village was bought by grandmother of Ivan the Terrible and during the next 3 centuries were the aggregation of kings’ palaces. Since all of the palaces were made of wood the lifetime of the buildings was short. After the last palace was ruined the purpose of the place changed – the huge water was put up there. As the altitude of the reservoir was much higher than the average it was possible to feed with water the major part of the Moscow. In XX century the ambitious project was implemented at the area. Vorobyovy Gory had become the center of Russian science with the numerous gorgeous building were built as a part of Moscow State University. Beside that there is a nice from the hill. We strongly recommend you to include Vorobyovy gory into your Moscow tour.

Tverskaya street

Tverskaya ulTverskaya st named after the town it directs – Tver. Since XVIII century the street was one of the most expensive areas to live. If you take a walk from Red Square you could see Town council building, monuments to Alexandr Pushkin and Yury Dolgoruky.