Vladimir, Suzdal

Golden_Ring_Tour_Suzdal_KremlinHigh up on Vladimir's slope above the Klyazma River sits the solemnly majestic Assumption Cathedral, built to announce Vladimir's claim as capital of Rus. These days, Vladimir - 178km east of Moscow - feels more like a modern, provincial town than an ancient capital. Nonetheless, the grandeur of medieval Vladimir shines through the commotion of this busy, industrial town. Exquisite examples of Russia's most formative architecture, along with some entertaining museums, make Vladimir one of the jewels in the Golden Ring.

We would recommend this Golden Ring tour to those who are keen on visiting small chamber places which are less crowded than other more popular sites

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    The City of Vladimir is one of the oldest Russian communities. It is located in the heart of the historic Vladimir region (Vladimirskaya Oblast) 180 kilometers (115 miles) northeast of Moscow on the bank of the Klyazma River. The city was founded in either 990 or 1108, depending on which historians you consult. For the better part of two centuries (from 1157 to the mid 1300s) it was the capital of ancient Rus. Vladimir is now considered one of the major members of the Golden Ring of communities which have played a significant role in Russian history.



    Suzdal is one of Russia’s most charming villages and part of Russia’s historical Golden Ring of medieval towns. Along with nearby Vladimir, it is a UNESCO historical centre.


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