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The great city of Moscow was first mentioned in writing in 1147. At that time it was a small settlement but it soon grew larger.In 1156 wooden walls were built around the kremlin. However they did not stop the Mongols. In 1237 they burned Moscow. However Moscow was rebuilt and it grew more prosperous and more important. Yet the Mongols returned in 1382 and they burned Moscow again. Moscow soon recovered and by the 15th century it probably had a population of about 50,000. However Crimean Tartars burned Moscow again in 1571. Yet by the early 17th century Moscow had a population of about 200,000. By the standards of the time it was a very large city.

In 1917 the Communists staged a revolution and they imposed a totalitarian regime in Russia. In 1918 Lenin moved his government to Moscow. Lenin was followed by the tyrant Josef Stalin. Under Stalin many historic buildings in the city were demolished. However the first line of the Metro opened in 1935. In 1941 the Germans invaded Russia. They reached the outskirts of Moscow at the beginning of December but they were then driven back. After the Second World War Moscow continued to grow although many nations boycotted the Moscow Olympics in 1980.ortunately Communism collapsed in Russia in 1991 and in 1997 Moscow celebrated its 850th anniversary. Today the population of Moscow is 11.5 million.


  • Kremlin

    moscow kreml tour smallMoscow’s most emblematic site, The Kremlin is home to the Russian capital’s most important monuments, as well as administrative buildings and the President’s official residence. The tour covers the Red Square and the major sites on the Kremlin territory.

  • 8 hours
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  • Moscow overview

    moscow-tverskaya-smallMoscow overview tour covers major sites that every tourst should visit. The tour designed the way you can reach every site by foot. We recommend this tour for those who dont have much time and at the same time would like to see Moscow heart.

  • 4 HOURS
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  • Tretyakov gallery

    moscow-tretyakov-smallIf you join the tour you will visit Tretyakov Gallery and some old its surrondings such as Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

  • 5 HOURS
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