Moscow overview

moscow-tverskaya-smallMoscow overview tour covers major sites that every tourst should visit. The tour designed the way you can reach every site by foot. We recommend this tour for those who dont have much time and at the same time would like to see Moscow heart.

  • 4 HOURS
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    Red Square

    Moscow’s most emblematic site, The Kremlin is home to the Russian capital’s most important monuments, as well as administrative buildings and the President’s official residence.

    Symbol of Russian power, the Kremlin was established in 1156 when Prince Dolgoruski chose the site to build the first wooden fortress. A new and magnificent building was erected by order of Tsar Ivan III at the end of the 15th century. Under Stalin the fort was closed to the public, and some of the palaces were destroyed during that period. The complex only reopened to the public 2 years after Stalin’s death in 1955

    Tverskaya street

    Tverskaya street is the main and probably best-known street in Moscow, with an eclectic mix of architecture combining medieval side streets and courtyards and 21st Century building projects with the dominant Stalinist neoclassicism.

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