Tretyakov gallery

moscow-tretyakov-smallIf you join the tour you will visit Tretyakov Gallery and some old its surrondings such as Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

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    Tretyakov Gallery

     State Tretyakov gallery - one of the biggest and most famous museums in the world - was founded in 1856 by P.M.Tretyakov, merchant, benefactor and collector, and in 1892 he gifted the gallery to Moscow. The historical building is located in one of the oldest city districts - in Zamoskvorechie. The richest collection of the Russian art from XI till the beginning of the XX century is exhibited here. in the Ancient Russian section of the Museum the visitors can enjoy priceless icons of XII-XVII centuries, including the faimous Andrey Rublev Trinity. And of course here, in this very gallery, you can see such masterpieces as "the Bogatyrs" by Vasnetsov, «The horsewoman» by Brullov, "The girl with the peaches" by Serov, "The morning in the pine forest" by Shsishkin

    Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

    Built as a symbol of gratitude to divinity for having aided the Russians’ defeat of Napoleon in 1812, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, opposite the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts at Volkhonka ul. 15, was demolished in 1931 in favour of a monument to socialism. The project was soon abandoned and years later, under Krushev’s rule, the site was turned into the world’s largest public swimming pool. In 1994 the Cathedral was rebuilt and is now a symbol of Moscow’s (and Russia’s) post-Communist religious revival.

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