Peterhof tour

piter peterhoftour smallThe tour of Peterhof will tell you about the complex, which consists of the main palace, small pavilions and peaceful parks. Our guide will take you around the incredibly beautiful park areas and introduce the unique fountain ensemble of a total of 174 different fountains and 4 water cascades.

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    Peterhof Palace

    It takes about an hour drive to reach the old Russian village of Peterhof, in Russian Petrodvorets (both names mean Peter’s Palace in English), where the palace is located. There 25 state rooms in the palace and the unique atmosphere of the past time well preseved. You will get aquainted with the beautifully decorated rooms, which look exactly the same as they where in the Tsar's time.

    Peterhof park

    There are a total of 175 different fountains, and 4 water cascades, of which the most majestic one is called the “Samson”. The Peterhof gardens also reveal some playful personality features of Peter the Great. Some of the Peterhof fountains are so called “trick fountains”, which are activated by people walking on a cobble stone path, and not knowing on which stones to step. Among the 20 mini-palaces, located inside the lower garden of Peterhof, can be mentioned the Monplaisir, where Peter the Great enjoyed his life. The Imperial Baths and Kitchens offer a most unique opportunity to see the opulence of the cold, warm and steam bathrooms, the royal reception and dressing rooms.

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