Tsar's village tour

piter tsar'svillagetour smallThe tour of Tsarskoe Selo (Tsar’s village) is a tour of Catherine's palace and park, which are approximately 30 kilometers (23 miles) south of St.Petersburg, about one hour driving time. The Catherine’s Palace exceeds all the other palaces with its gigantic size and unique decorations. Our tour includes the visit to all the major halls and rooms, including the Blue Room, the Picture Gallery and one of the highlights, which is the Amber Room. The Guide will take you around the beautiful park of Tsar’s Village, where you can see the baroque style pavilions and gazebos as well as man-maid lakes.

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    Catherine's Palace

    The Catherine’s Palace was originally built for Catherine the First, wife of Peter the Great, as her personal summer residence. It is located in the famous historical town of Tsarskoe Selo (Tsar’s village), which is approximately 30 kilomiters (23 miles) south of St.Petersburg, about one hour’s driving time. Today it is considered to be the best remaining example of baroque palace architecture from the 1700’s still exiting in St.Petersburg. One of many highlights is the unbelievable, reconstructed Amber Room, where all the walls have been decorated with genuine amber.

    Catherine's Park

    The park of the Catherine's palace is beautifully dicorated with flowers and little stones of different colors, which make it more attractive in all the seasons. There are many pavillions from the 18-th and 19-th centuaries, original sculptures from the Emperor's collection and artifitial lakes. All these attractions are part of the walking tour of Catherine's park.

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